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Communications Systems Engineering

Something that is often first complained about and last thought about is communications. When they are working nobody will congratulate you or complain. But when they are down, everybody hurts and it can cost your company thousands of dollars. An initial investment into communications can solve this problem. Whether it's a host location with 10 users or a large data center location with hundreds, even thousands online, DBC has the answers and solutions to your communications needs. Our engineers have the knowledge that you need to keep your company up and growing. DBC does full system design, from internal info structures for data centers, to Wide Area Network (WAN) coverage. DBC has the right solution for your needs. We can handle the development from start to finish, or contract with an already in place IT department to achieve the integrity that is needed to operate your business. You can be assured that our engineers are certified and knowledgeable in your business needs.

Benefit to proper communications and systems Engineering

Faster services
Speeds can be altered by a variety of medians, CRC errors, RF interference, AC power interference and even bad or improper wiring. DBC can evaluate this and rectify the issue.

Increased uptime
By developing a "Plan B" you can create a backup plan for your infrastructure.

Larger area of connectivity
802.11 networks have come a long ways, Furthermore, if you are going a long distance a Microwave transceiver unit operating on the 900-5.2 GHz scale is not a bad idea either. In some cases when you want to be mobile, a Satellite connection or an EVDO connection may be a best option. DBC can design a WAN that works for your network.

Maximized communication technology
Many companies do repetitive tasks or even unnecessary tasks for the lack of knowing what technology can do, DBC can locate the technology necessary to complete your task, thus saving time, Money and work.