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Software Engineering

Speed: The ability to maintain a database or have software do its job with the least amount of human intervention. This is one of the highest priorities given when DBC designs a software application. Whenever software can be intuitive and do the work for you, it should. Simple things like why should you be prompted for the state if you have already entered a zip code? Software should be smart enough to figure out the obvious for you. If the year is omitted when entering a date, wouldn’t it be nice if the software assumed you meant the current year? These are just a few simple examples of what intuitive software does and how it makes your life easier. A few keystrokes saved here and there add up in today’s fast-paced world of electronic business.

Communications Systems Engineering

DBC has the solutions to your communications needs. Our engineers have the knowledge that you need to keep your company up and growing. DBC does full system design, from internal info structures for data centers, to Wide Area Network (WAN) coverage. DBC has the right solution for your needs.

Business Management

Behind the software are plans that are put into place to allow businesses to operate. As a business grows, so does its management and procedures. Let DBC consult with you on new business practices, from merchandise control, to accounting practices and solutions to employee management and central logged control.

Inventory Control

DBC’s inventory control model is so flexible that it allows clients to track stock levels with either simple quantity counts or track each stock item individually from “cradle-to-grave." This flexibility allows you to perform simple inventory control for consumables and smaller stock items while having full item history for larger, high-end items, all being controlled by the same software application.

Web Developoment

We now offer web development that is customizable to your needs. Just pick a template and send us an email and we will work with you on what you need out of a website.