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Digital Business Controls is pleased to announce the released of a new web-based product CW² that will be released the first quarter of 2016, this is a scalable version of its long-popular Chameleon Ware software. Available via all internet platforms, CW² is suitable for small glass shops as well as large, multi-location auto glass and flat glass retailers.

CW² offers all of the comprehensive features needed to simplify the business processes and customer service needs of glass retailers. Included are simple EDI billing; access from all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari; a QuickBooks interface and data import/ export from an array of sources; VIN decoding; mobile and tablet integration; inventory tracking; Technician Scheduler with GPS phone tracking of personnel, and en electronic time clock integrated with the payroll system.

“Developing this new flexible product with a web-based interface is in response to requests from a wide range of retailers who want a less expensive business management system from DBC,” explains John Wharton, president of DBC. “CW² will be offered with no long-term contractual obligations and we are confident our customers will love this product. If for whatever reason a customer chooses not to continue with CW² there are no strings attached to paying future fees.”


DBC anticipates that the most-popular features of CW² will be its simple EDI billing system, easy internet access, the QuickBooks interface, and mobile and GPS applications. Following is an overview of CW²’s key features and benefits.

Simple EDI Billing
Electronic invoicing with all major trading partners in the industry including - LYNX, Safelite, Harmon, Teleglass, Quest, and Claims Office. Electronic invoicing eliminates the time and expense of manually inputting or faxing these invoices to trading partners. Invoices go directly from your software to the trading partner as often as you wish to transmit them. Built in audits help ensure your data is correct before it is submitted to the trading partner, keeping rejections to an absolute minimum.

Access From Anywhere
Login and access your data from anywhere in the world. Access CW² using any browser including - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

QuickBooks Interface
A simple QuickBooks Interface allows you to export your invoices into the QuickBooks accounting software.

Mobile Integration
Our mobile application allows your installers to send/receive real-time updates while on the job. Installers can mark jobs as they are en route, have arrived onsite, or as they complete the job. It also allows for the installer to obtain customer signatures, enter specific vehicle information, verify the VIN, and gather payment information.

No Long-Term Contracts. Ever.
As businesses battle with constant change, the last thing small and large companies want to worry about are long-term vendor commitments. For 15 years customers have stayed with DBC because they get results; not because they’ve signed a long-term contract.

Accurate VIN Decoding
Decoding a VIN has never been so accurate. Entering a VIN will return everything you need to know about the vehicle you're servicing. The VIN audit will also verify the length, check digit, year, and many other attributes of the VIN to verify that they are correct.

Data Import/Export
Data can be imported from an existing system, Quick Books, or other data source, saving the user a great deal of data-entry time. Data can also be exported from CW² and backed up in a secure location, manipulated and then re-imported back into CW².

Track your on-hand inventory, create purchase orders or adjust stock into the system as needed. Inventory tracking allows you to manage purchases and costs, and provides a clearer picture of your gross profit. Avoid worries about where, when, how and why a part has entered and left your inventory, assuring that nothing is being lost or stolen, thus increasing your bottom line.

Technician Scheduler
At a glance you know exactly how your day is booked. Our technician scheduler allows you to control what days/hours a technician is available for work. Scheduling jobs in half hour increments or over the span of several hours is a simple click. Reschedule jobs by dragging and dropping jobs from one technician to another. Job summary reports will be available for technicians to print and take with them.

GPS Personnel Mobile Tracking
Track your installer using a smart phone of your choosing. Any installer equipped with an iPhone, Android Phone, or any smartphone can be automatically tracked through the CW² GPS tracking module. This will help you easily let your customer know when the installer will arrive without having to make additional phone calls. It will also help you track your installers’ progress throughout the day.

Time Clock
Streamline payroll processing using CW²’s Time Clock which allows users to electronically log in/out of the system. On demand, CW² creates a simple report for payroll that shows employee’s hours and overtime. This data can also be used to upload to your Payroll service.