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Inventory Control

DBC’s inventory control model is so flexible that it allows clients to track stock levels with either simple quantity counts or track each stock item individually from “cradle-to-grave." This flexibility allows you to perform simple inventory control for consumables and smaller stock items while having full item history for larger, high-end items, all being controlled by the same software application.

For example, let’s say you own a custom furniture manufacturing company. You might want to keep a simple stock of items like screws, nails, and wooden plugs to keep track of your purchasing and material usage. You may also want to keep a more detailed account of the actual pieces of furniture you produced. Our software allows you to assign each individual item of a given inventory type a unique Item ID. This Item ID is used to track the specific item through production, warehousing, sales, and delivery. The item then stays in your database so you can view it’s full history in an instant, including how much it cost to produce, when it was produced, when it sold, was it returned, etc.

Our inventory control model includes full purchasing with individual vendor pricing lists, helping you to make sure you buy a product at the best price. You can set minimum and maximum stock levels and delivery turnaround times so the software will automatically reorder products when they are needed. Inventory control is fully integrated with point-of-sale so all stock availability is accurate and real-time. Purchase orders are audited against electronic invoices submitted by the vendors to insure you are only paying for products you actually received and at the agreed upon price.

Service Benefits

Buy Low. DBC’s inventory control module is designed to help the customer make purchases at the best possible price point. By analyzing pricing structures of all vendors along with delivery turn around the software gives the purchasing agent make the best business decisions possible.

Cradle to grave and beyond. Our IC module tracks each stock item individually from the time it’s ordered until… well as long as you have your software. Full item history is tracked from purchase cost, to product location, to stock adjustments, sales and returns.

Report, reports, reports. There are currently hundreds of IC related reports on our system and we are creating more every month. Information is a key business asset and having gigabytes of information does a company no good if they cannot access the data in a helpful format.