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Business Products


DBC has a whole line of Business Products that can help businesses be better organized and run more efficiently...

Custom Database

From the most basic Databases to the most integrated and unique databases, DBC is able to give you the control when it comes to the look and feel of your business database. Thus eliminating the need to know any cryptic programming to generate reports.

DBC Overview

Digital Business Controls (DBC) designs and builds custom database management as well as engineering solutions for today's growing business demands. DBC has the solutions that businesses need to succeed in a market place; retail sales, manufacturing and warehouse management just to name a few. DBC can design and build the information system you need.

Product Demonstration


  • Point Of Sale
  • Inventory Control
  • EDI
  • Custom Database
  • Employee Management (HR)
  • Purchasing
  • Why US?
  • Data Hosting
  • Corporate IT services
  • Web Application Development
  • Windows Application Development


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